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Game Background & Concept Development

Empayar: The Melaka Chronicles is a 3rd person 3D mobile action RPG with a linear narrative that is focused on an alternate Melaka Sultanate history, where Melaka was never colonized. Graphics will be in a stylized graphics akin to 3D RPG mobile games such as Ryuko. The game uses an exponential levelling up system where the players are given points for every level up. 

The game is designed with Hiburan Bermanfaat in mind; the main aim of the game, other than being fun and engaging, is to create a space for Nusantara culture to put its spot in the world of games, where it is saturated with Western and East Asian influences.

Players will experience Melaka through the eyes of our hero in ways that have never been done before. Engaging action RPG gameplay is used to enhance and captivate players into learning more about our forgotten history.

The game is in the style of roguelite action RPG in third-person view, with stylized 3D graphics. Players are able to execute silat moves and pencak while also using historically accurate Melaka Sultanate weaponries. Most enemies will be humanoid but there will also be supernatural entities players have to fight against.

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